We help businesses thrive in the rental economy

Our purpose for existing is to empower the circular economy to create a healthier planet.

This is why we do it
“Awayco exists because the planet will die unless we learn to share - There’s no surf or snow on Mars!

Awayco is a software company powering the next evolution of the sharing economy based in Sydney, Australia. 

Our mission is to improve the environmental footprint of retail while increasing profitability by enabling retailers to enter the sharing economy and offer rental of consumer goods.

Built by industry vets

Awayco is the humble brainchild of Gideon Silverman – A passionate entrepreneur and surfers who was sick of lugging boards on to planes and around the world.

Since then, Awayco has partnered with Australia's leading athletes including Mick Fanning & Torah Bright to position themselves as the trusted brand for rentals in Surf & Snow.


Our purpose for existing is to empower the circular economy to create a healthier planet.
Awayco is focused on maximising utilisation to reduce consumption, overproduction and maximise returns from retail inventory which is becoming an increasing imperative for brands globally.
Purpose Driven
Awayco’s purpose is to empower the circular economy. We believe in the power of small acts. We always think long term. We know consumers will support businesses that align with the Planet. We are passionate about building technology which is simple and beautiful and helps retailers strengthen their businesses by becoming Planet positive.
Awayco is a human community. We are a global collective of people who love retail, and acknowledge it has to change to survive. We care deeply about the future of our Planet. We believe in the importance of standing up and offering our authentic selves in every interaction. What you see is what you get. We believe in shared solutions embracing all walks of life.
Awayco are Performers. We are accountable. We take ownership of issues. We know our contribution and we work hard and proud of our impact. As the stakes rise, Performers become more honest because there is no success without challenge.
Radically Compassionate
Awaycoers have learned that radical compassion is radically empowering. We are not afraid to be empowered because we know how to hold others bravely. We are driven to always lead with compassion. We have seen how compassion applied to hard problems breeds collaboration.

Core Values

Awayco’s Core Values form an operating system that guides our actions, serves as a cultural cornerstone, and helps us make a contribution that is congruent with our Company mission, vision and core focus.

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