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Frequently asked questions

What is Awayco? ‍

Awayco is software that enables you to start and grow a rental business offering your customers ways to discover new products and try before they buy.

How does it work? ‍

Get started with our simple onboarding process at Set up your Awayco website integration and POS. Bookings can start right away, sending you revenue and customers.

What does it cost? ‍

Awayco works on a performance basis, as a share of revenue, plus applicable fees and taxes. Our software does not cost anything upfront and does not have a monthly fee.

Do I need insurance? ‍

Yes, you are responsible for your own property and general liability insurance. Awayco takes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage, or personal injury or any other liability associated with your business.

What can I rent? ‍

Absolutely anything you currently sell.

What does the customer pay?

You set your own pricing based on a day rate. You can charge for damages. Auto-extensions and late fees are automatically set as part of our solution giving you peace of mind and avoiding conflicts.

When are customers charged for bookings?

When they pick up their reservation.

How do I know the member coming into the store is who they say they are?

Ask for their booking confirmation number and/or ID.

How long can members keep the gear?

For as long as they reserve it.

Can they book multiple pieces of equipment at once? ‍

Yes they can.

What happens if they bring the equipment back late? ‍

They’ll be charged a late fee that’s 2x the price of the first day of the booking. (Example: If Day 1 of the booking is $20, the late fee is $40/day).

What if they return the gear early? ‍

They can return the gear early, but we do not refund the remainder of the reservation amount.

What if someone steals the equipment, or if the member loses it?

They would be responsible to replace it according to the damage policy you set. You can use your Awayco admin portal to charge the customer.

On what currency are your prices based?

USD in North America and South America. AUD in Australia and Asia. Euros in Europe and Africa. This is determined by the location of the bank attached to the member’s credit card.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. Customers pay for the first day of their booking if they don’t cancel 48 hours prior to the start date.

What if they’re late to pick up my Awayco gear?

If they don’t pick up their gear on the first day of the booking, the reservation will be canceled and the member will not receive a refund.

Want to learn more?

Contact us at We’d love to hear from you!