Start building and growing your rental business today

Awayco provides a full service platform for your rental business, whether you’re just starting out or an industry veteran
Sustainability meets
consumer demand
The future of product is shared or rented. Instead of consumers having to purchase their own items, consumers are looking for ways to rent or share.
of all consumers are willing to rent, rather than buy
of millennials live in smaller homes with less room for personal belongings
of millennials would like to consume more experiences and less physical things
Simple to start. Easy to run.
Awayco helps your business win in the  rental economy

Easily add rentals to your website

Either link to your plug and play rental URL, or make custom implementations using our simple to use API

Enjoyable rental experience to make your customers smile

The Awayco rental solution comes with everything you need to serve customers, whether you’re a large retailer or a small business

Boost sustainability of your brand

Awayco enables you to enter the circular economy and increase your sustainability outcomes by offering rentals alongside your retail offering, for click and collect and click and deliver, anywhere in the world

The easiest way to build a online store

Timmy Garcia
Waterbone Skateboards
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Timmy Garcia
Waterbone Skateboards
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Timmy Garcia
Waterbone Skateboards
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Awayco is the easiest way to build and grow your rental store

Spencer Lem
Sweetwater Surf Store
"Our rental system used to be a caveman, pen & paper system. Awayco's streamlined process allowed our rental business to grow over 300% our first year with their easy reservation platform and by diversifying our rental inventory"
David Sword
Crow's Feet
"Awayco worked with us to ensure the admin, marketing and user interface represented our company. Now, our Snow and Bike programs give us an edge in a competitive market."
Simple to start. Easy to run.

Provide more value for your customers by offering rentals

Click and deploy
No need to code
Integration ready
Dedicated customer support

How Awayco Can Help

Everything You Need to Start Your Rental Store

Create a Store in Minutes
It’s quick and easy to start! You can create for a custom domain that gives your shop its unique identity and credibility.
Use Awayco Anywhere
Create your Awayco store anywhere in the world. With Awayco software, customers pay in your local currency, and taxes can be automatically included.
Flexible Booking & Delivery Options
Offer your customers flexibility. With Awayco, stores can set their custom rental periods to allow for bookings to be as short or long as your customer requires. Customers can have multiple options to receive their rental, including pick-up in store; click and collect; and delivery.
It’s Easier than Ever to Manage Rental Bookings
Whether placed online or in-store, every order is processed using a dedicated point-of-sale app, designed for simplicity and ease of use. Gone are the days of duplicate reservations, Awayco will revolutionize how you manage rental bookings.
Make Your Store Unique
Your Awayco shop is fully customizable. With our customisation options it is possible to tailor your website to your brand and create a seamless user experience for your customers.
Update your Inventory in Seconds
Update your live inventory using the purpose-built Awayco app. It’s easy and intuitive to add, remove, or change products as required.
Easy and Secure Payments
Payments made through your Awayco store are safely processed through Stripe, the world's leading payments engine.
It only takes 20 minutes to set up your rental store
Get started
Retailers saw an increase since using Awayco
Of Customers Visited Their Store For The First Time
Of Customers Made An Additional Purchase
Of Customers Told Their Friends About Rentals
Brand Partners
By the industry. For the industry.
Awayco has partnered with Australia's leading athletes to position itself as the trusted brand for rentals in Surf & Snow
Mick Fanning
3x World Champion Surfer
Torah Bright
Olympic Gold & Silver Medalis

Launching an online rental store? It's easy with Awayco

Manage Rentals
Simply Add Products
Track Inventory
Grow Rental Business
Dedicated customer support that's enjoyable!
"Awayco has made my life way too easy!
I couldn’t ask for a way to make the management side run any smoother"
Grey Lockwood
Bing Surfboards

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to create an Awayco store?

It is free to create an Awayco store. Awayco works on a commission model, charging a percentage per booking depending on the volume of transactions per month. Read more about pricing here.

What is included in the Awayco product?

The Awayco software includes the customer-facing Shopfront, the Admin app to oversee your store and inventory, and the Shop app to manage reservations.

What percentage of sales does Awayco take?

The percentage of sales is calculated by the volume of transactions per month, with no minimum required number of transactions. The more transactions undertaken the lower the percentage taken by Awayco.

What are the different pricing options?

Awayco offers different pricing structures depending on how many transactions per month a store makes. Stores move automatically to higher tiers (and better pricing!) as they increase their transaction volume.

Do I have to pay for my Awayco domain?

No, Awayco provides a shopfront with a custom domain name free of charge.

How do I create my store?

Once you have signed up to Awayco you will be sent the link to create your store. Follow our guide on setting up your store here.

Can I customise my store?

Yes, it is possible to customise the design of your Awayco store to seamlessly match your existing website and brand, including the logo, header, fonts, and colour scheme.

How do customers find out about my store?

Store information including hours, location, contact, and more are available on a store’s Awayco shopfront. These can all easily be edited using the Admin app.

I have multiple store locations, do I need multiple Awayco shopfronts?

No, you can manage and rent out your inventory using one Shopfront and Admin app for your convenience. The locations of products are displayed on the Shopfront when customers rent them.

How do customers make reservations?

Reservations are made through a store’s Shopfront. Customers are able to view the store’s inventory and select items to be added to their reservation. Once the booking is completed, both the customer and the store will be notified via email.

What if a rental is damaged?

Stores can set their rental terms and conditions, including damage policy using the Awayco software. If a customer damages a rental, it is quick and easy to charge for repairs and temporarily remove the damaged product from the inventory.

How do customers change, extend, or cancel reservations?

Customers can manage reservations by logging into their account on the Shopfront and clicking on the reservation details. Stores can manage reservations on a customer's behalf using the Admin app.

Do reservations have a cancellation fee?

Reservations can be cancelled up to 48 hours before without any fee. If cancelled within 48 hours before the booking, customers will be charged 50% of the booking. If cancelled within 24 hours of the reservation, customers will be charged the full amount of the booking.

Is there a fee for late rentals?

Late returns will be charged the full daily price for each late day to discourage impacting other customer’s bookings.

How do I add products to my store?

You can update your inventory, including adding and removing products, using the Admin app. To see how easy it is to manage your inventory with Awayco, read our guide on how to upload new products here.

Is there a limit to the number of products I can add?

No, you can add as many products as required to your Awayco store.

Can I offer multiple versions of a product?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple variants of a product, such as colour and size.

Can I rent out multiple products in a kit?

Yes, it is possible to offer products bundled together to encourage customers to rent and upsell products.

Charity partners

Awayco has partnered with a selection of charities to ensure a positive impact on planetary health for future generations.
Awayco is a proud One Percent for the Planet member.  
1% For The Planet is an international organisation whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. Their mission is to “build, support and activate an alliance of business financially committed to creating a healthy planet."