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Awayco works with any e-commerce software to put rentals in your website, with simple integrated solutions for in-store and logistics teams
Launch and grow your rental business online and in-store

Rental optimised in your website, and in your store

Rental is a great way to build a purchasing funnel, from try to buy, to capture new customer behaviours
Our 5 step solution for success
Our proven process at Awayco is developed to efficiently build and launch your rental business for success
Set Up
Commercials agreed, contract signed and team mobilised
Go to market business need identification, tech mapping and process documentation
Prototype including pricing, costs, taxes and charges, emails, in-store point of presence, product testing plan and all legals
Press release, training and support to sign off on rentals launch
Ready to launch and go live!


Custom integrations

Awayco has a suite of custom integrations for large customers, so your team can use their existing logistics or CX tooling

Rental as easy as 1,2,3 for you and your customers

1. Plan
Your customer plans their next event, experience or adventure away
2. Rent
Your brand provides a range of premium products for rental allowing your customers to enjoy the experience hassle-free
3. Enjoy
Your customer enjoys their event, experience or adventure using your premium products without being weighed down by purchasing
4. Return
Your customer easily returns the items whilst keeping the memories of their event, experience or adventure away
5. Hygiene
Your brand quality checks the return product, cleans, repairs & repackages for its next adventure out in the world
6. Restock
Your product returns into available inventory for its next rental cycle with end-customer
Awayco Enterprise is optimised for supporting large rental businesses
A bespoke package to help you own your customer end-to-end and offer an amazing rental experience
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