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Give your retail business the edge it needs with our booking engine. With our powerful software, customers can easily make reservations or appointments for your products or services online. This means that scheduling appointments, taking orders, and managing inventory becomes a breeze for your retail company. Seamlessly integrate our solution to your existing sales channels and you'll see an increase in sales, improved efficiency, and valuable insights into customer behaviour that will help you make informed decisions about your business.

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Create the perfect booking experience for your customers.

Fully Configurable Bookings

Create and manage bookings with sessions tailored to your company's operations. Configure payment, duration, availability, booking notice and resource management all with one tool.

Automated Notifications

Reduce no-shows and increase customer satisfaction; automatically send emails and SMS reminders to customers to confirm their appointments or deliveries.

Data Management

Store customer details and purchase history, so you can keep track of customer preferences and release personalised deals and offers.

Booking Management

Within Awayco's booking system, reduce administrative tasks and improve efficiency with payments processing and customer order management.

Inventory Sync

Integrate our booking engine with your inventory system to automatically update stock levels and availability as customers make reservations.

Online Reservations

Customers can browse available products, select the products they would like to purchase, and schedule an appointment or delivery time.

Easiest way to book between multiple branches

Connect with Google Map tools to help guide your customers on the best locations for their bookings.

Create any types of appointments and capture your customers needs

AwayCo's booking engine allows you to create your own booking process. Create different variables, booking policies, custom time slots and have it all synched within one dashboard. Hook it up with your team's calendar and never make a double booking again.

Create custom schedules and time slots

Give your customers convenience and flexibility with their booking times. AwayCo's e-commerce solution has built-in integrations for the most relevant time reference possible.

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