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Future proof your digital commerce in an ever-changing competitive landscape.
Awayco’s digital commerce platform brings a scalable and modular solution that enables retailers to enhance their digital infrastructure, and provide a best-in-class e-commerce experience.

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Awayco's digital commerce platform brings a versatile set of features that can be customised to match your business requirements.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Cross-channel customers record to make online shopping frictionless and customer service intelligent.

Inventory Management

Sync inventory between multiple distribution centre, and branches and integrate with your existing fulfillment providers.

Any Payment

Integrate with any third-party payment provider, and accept payments by brand-loyalty points, vouchers or by Buy Now, Pay Later.


Allow your customers to see product availability and services across multiple retail branches whilst offering a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Advanced Promotions

Create, plan and run advanced promotions based on brand spend, basket size, gifts and more.

Click & Collect

Give your customers the flexibility to ship orders to their front door, or setup click and collect orders for pick up at your user's favourite store locations.


Easily create recurring revenue by enabling periodic subscription sales for your products. Allow your customers to choose the subscription period and configure the deal that best suits them.

Loyalty & Vouchers

Create robust loyalty programs and reward loyal customers with perks and vouchers.

Merchant Management

Manage your merchants and streamline your supply chain.

Coming Q3 2023

Run promotions the way you want

Create, schedule and run custom promotion campaigns based on multiple factors. Awayco e-commerce platform allows you to create exclusive promotions for online shopping that align with your in-store promotions calendar. Promotion mechanisms have a pre-built user interface that can easily plug in to match your ideal customer journey.

Create recurring revenue with Awayco Subscription

Give your customers the convenience of enabling periodic subscription sales for your products. Create a custom delivery schedule, pricing, inventory rules as well as integrate with customer communication channels to keep your customers in the driver’s seat.

Fulfilment Integration

Offer your customers full flexibility on how they receive their orders. Whether your customers want to click and collect, pick their preferred courier or prefer express delivery, Awayco’s e-commerce solution has pre-built integrations to connect multiple distribution centres to end destinations.

Gather customer insight through our cross-channel NPS system.

No more guessing games, Awayco’s e-commerce environment can help you create your customers Net Promoter Score by analysing their interactions through all your sales channels as well as ask for feedback directly through marketing and notification channels

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