Experience seamless shopping on-the-go with our powerful yet user-friendly native app for e-commerce.

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Leverage the powerful features of iOS and Android to deliver an exception e-commerce experience


Native apps can access device-specific information and track user behaviour, which can be used to personalize the app experience and recommend products.

Push Notifications

Create customer push notification tailored to your customers behaviours and expectations.

Loyalty and vouchers

Create robust loyalty programs and reward loyal customers with perks and vouchers


Easily create recurring revenue by enabling periodic subscription for you products. Allow your customers to choose the delivery period and configure the subscription to how it suits them.

Click and collect

Give your customers the flexibility to ship their products to their door or setup click and collect orders to various locations.

Inventory Management

Synch inventory between multiple distribution centers, and branches and integrate with your existing fulfilment providers.

Advance Promotions

Create, plan and run advanced promotions based on brand spend, basket size, gifts and more.

Single Sign On & Biometric

Cross-channel customers record to make online shopping frictionless and customer service intelligent.

Any Payment

Integrate with any 3rd party payment providers as well as utilise brand points and vouchers

Enhancing user engagement through a complete personalised experience

Awayco's native app for e-commerce platform prioritizes personalized experiences, giving your customers a tailored experience including push notifications, personalized promotions, saved items and abandoned cart alerts.

Fully integrated with your devices built-in features and apps

Experience the ultimate security and convenience with Awayco's native app - Login and checkout with just a touch of your fingerprint. Find nearby stores with ease using integration with your device's GPS and maps, all in one seamless experience.

Uninterrupted shopping experience with synchronised profiles across all devices

Delight your customers with a seamless experience wether they shop through your app, website or in-store. Consolidate all your user across multiple channels to get a clear picture of how your customers like to shop.

Gather customer insight through our cross-channel NPS system.

No more guessing games, Awayco’s e-commerce environment can help you create your customers Net Promoter Score by analysing their interactions through all your sales channels as well as ask for feedback directly through marketing and notification channels

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