Awayco’s powerful wholesale platform is designed to facilitate seamless collaboration between suppliers, providers and partners, allowing users to easily create and manage pricing, merchandising and promotions in one centralised location.

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The Wholesale platform seamlessly integrates with e-commerce middleware, enabling inventory and promotions to be easily pushed to your website, other online channels, and physical stores via ERP POS, making it the all-in-one solution for collaborating with suppliers, whether it's for a singular brand, product or multiple ones.

Intuitive Customer Portal

User-friendly interface gives your customers all the power and flexibility to set up, edit and decide how and when they want their shipment to be delivered.

Multi Branch

Allow your customers to see product availability and services across multiple retail branches whilst offering a seamless online shopping experience for your customers.

Time slot & Calendar Management

Create and manage promotion time slots for all suppliers through an intuitive and visually appealing timeline/calendar view.

Forecast & Analysis

Anticipate and plan for future performance with the analytics historical data provided and the forecasting feature built into the platform.

ERP Integration

Easily manage and streamline business operation from all platforms with our ERP integrated in to wholesale portal.

Inventory Lookup

Sync inventory between multiple distribution centers, branches and integrate with your existing fulfilment providers.

Advance Promotions

Create, plan and run advanced promotions based on brand spend, basket size, gifts and more.

Real-time Collaboration

Efficiently collaborate with suppliers and partners in real-time via our streamlined communication and approval systems.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Cross-channel customers record to make online shopping frictionless and customer service intelligent.

Supplier Onboarding

Easily onboard your supplier with our built-in tutorial and training documents.

Create and manage advance promotions in just a few clicks

With AwayCo's Wholesale platform, suppliers and providers have the flexibility to craft custom promotion campaigns based on various factors and schedule them accordingly, both for online and in-store promotion, using our user-friendly pre-built interface, tailored to enhance your customer's journey.

Review key metrics and data points through a visually pleasing interface

The Awayco's Wholesale platform simplifies data analysis by providing a comprehensive dashboard where suppliers and providers can quickly understand key information through attractive and easy-to-digest visual presentations, allowing for swift and effortless data comprehension.

Real-time collaboration between suppliers and providers

Eliminate wait times and reduce errors by conducting all stages of the promotion process, including submission, negotiation, approval steps, to launching, in real-time within our Awayco's Wholesale platform.

Complete integration across multiple database and tools

Easily manage and streamline your business operation with Awayco’s ecommerce middleware, from database, ERP, to website, POS, all integrated in to this wholesale portal.

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