Turn your store into a recurring revenue-generating machine with the Awayco subscription engine. Easily launch in minutes with fully customised experience that matches your brand.

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Bring convenience and scale to your subscription products and services.

Reminders & Notifcations

Keep your customers informed of upcoming subscriptions, deliveries or changes.

Seamless Checkout

Our frictionless checkout process allows customers to complete orders efficiently.

Robust and Flexible API

Allow your customers to fully customize their subscription experience, from frequency, date of delivery, user’s address to payment.

Any Payment

Integrate with any third-party payment provider, and accept payments by brand-loyalty points or vouchers.

Recurring Billing

Create and manage subscriptions, and set up recurring billing in less than three steps to reduce friction and maximise revenue.

Set up and manage recurring orders and subscriptions in minutes

Give your customers the convenience of autoshipped products with Awayco’s Subscription. Create a custom delivery schedule, pricing, inventory rules as well as integrate with customer communication channels to keep your customers in the driver’s seat.

Feature-rich customer portal with Single Sign-on & quick action menu

Empower your customers with the ultimate control through our intuitive and user-friendly customer portal, featuring a quick-action menu for easy setup, shipment editing, delivery frequency, and address management access - fully customizable to fit your customer needs.

Unified Checkout - Single checkout process regardless of the items in the cart

Simplify the shopping experience for your customers with Awayco's Subscription's built-in single checkout process, that eliminates any friction in the purchasing process, allowing your customers to easily complete their purchase, no matter the contents of the cart, resulting in increased conversion rates, customer loyalty, and satisfaction.

Awayco Middleware, the conductor to your retail orchestra

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Unify all of your customer data

Single transaction record

Simplify financial reporting

Reduce complexity in your tech

Grow your e-commerce sales

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